Travel to Thailand - Land of Incredible Stories

Travel to Thailand - Land of Incredible Stories

Thailand  Land of incredible stories

Travel to Thailand - Land of incredible stories and a plethora of amazing experiences! Thailand was recently re-opened to the public for vaccinated visitors, and since then, the country has opened to tourists. Here are some great tips to make the most of your trip. Read on to learn about Bangkok's nightlife, temples, and southern beaches, and Sukhothai's ancient ruins.

Bangkok's nightlife

A visit to Bangkok during the night is not complete without sampling the local nightlife. The city is filled with dozens of go-go bars, bathed in pink neon lights. You can drink in the city without the hassle of buying drinks from go-go dancers, and there are plenty of great places to drink for yourself or your pretty lady. For example, the Iron Fairies bar is a local favorite and was inspired by the owner's fairytale book. This bar offers a selection of beverages and finger foods, and often hosts live music.

Bangkok's nightlife is centered on two popular red light districts: Patpong, between Silom and Surawong Roads, and Soi Cowboy, on Sukhumvit Road. These districts are home to a number of massage parlours and sex clubs, as well as several excellent cocktail bars, restaurants, and campervan bars. Some of the most popular nightspots include the famous 'Calypso Cabaret', "Simon Phuket," and "Tiffany's".

While there are dozens of places to enjoy Bangkok's nightlife, some are better than others. If you want to start at a top-notch nightclub, head to Octave Rooftop Bar. The venue is the perfect place to start. You can start with a cocktail or two and then proceed to other places. The ambiance at Octave is particularly memorable and you'll never feel deprived of choices in Bangkok.

Besides the traditional nightlife, Bangkok also has racy bars. Nana Plaza, a popular nightclub, is best suited for adults, and is not very family-friendly. The bar's neon lights make it impossible for small children to go there. It's located southwest of Nana BTS Station on the Sukhumvit Line. In addition to its traditional pubs, it also offers rooftop terraces where you can enjoy 360-degree views of the city.

Bangkok's temples

You'll find the Emerald Buddha, a 66-metre-tall statue of the Lord Buddha, atop a multi-tiered pedestal at one of Bangkok's temples. It's not made of emerald but of grey-green jasper that's found in Africa and India. The Emerald Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, and hundreds of tourists line up to see it. The statue has been in existence for centuries, and it is revered not only for its religious but also for its political legitimacy.

The Grand Palace is a complex of impressive temples located in the historic center of Bangkok. Designed by early kings of the Chakri dynasty, it is home to a thousand-year-old Emerald Buddha and gold palaces. You can tour the throne halls and explore the government buildings. You can even get up close to the royal stables and government buildings.

The Grand Palace is a top attraction in Bangkok, attracting thousands of visitors each day. Once the residence of the King of Siam, this royal palace contains some of the country's most sacred shrines. The Emerald Buddha is one of these. If you're interested in Buddhism, the Grand Palace is a must-see. The Emerald Buddha temple is the holiest shrine in Thailand. And don't forget to taste some of the best street food in town.

In order to make your visit to the Grand Palace a sacred experience, you must know how to conduct yourself. Thai culture has an important foot etiquette. At the Grand Palace, for example, people must wear closed-toe shoes. In addition, it is not appropriate for a woman to walk over a Buddhist temple with her soul facing the Buddha. It's also forbidden for women to touch monks or their robes.

Phuket's southern beaches

Phuket's southern beaches are the epitome of luxury, with their inviting turquoise waters and endless stretches of white sand. Surin Beach is one of Phuket's most popular beaches, and is home to several high-class resorts and a world-class golf course. Patong Beach is a great choice for families with young children and is known for its nightlife and watersport activities. Located on the western coast of Phuket, it is close to Patong, which is the most popular tourist destination in the country.

For a unique experience, don't miss a visit to the Dolphin Bay Nemo theme park. The park is home to a wide variety of animals and features a spectacular show featuring fearless snake handlers. Another must-see is the Phuket Orchid Garden. And if you're looking for something to do with the whole family, you can book a safari to the jungle in the south. In December and January, the safari is the perfect time to visit the sanctuary.

In addition to the beaches in the south, Phuket has many hidden treasures. One of the most famous beaches on the west coast is Haad Sai Gaew, which means Glass Sand Beach, although the sand is not as white. Then, there's Haad Pak Phra, the last beach on the northern end of Phuket. This beach is notorious for being a dirty little secret. Another beach that's worth a visit is Heeowhat Beach, a huge beach with tall palm trees and home to Pullman Panwa Phuket Resort. It's a perfect spot to soak up the sun but don't swim if it's too cold!

Phang Nga Bay is another must-see tourist destination in Phuket. This bay boasts limestone rock formations, lagoons, and archaeological sites. The bay is home to more than 40 tiny islands, including Koh Tapu, which was made famous by the James Bond film 'The Man With the Golden Gun' (1974). Phang Nga Bay is also famous for its emerald-green water and sheer limestone cliffs. During high season, the area is highly touristy, but worth the wait.


Visit Sukhothai, Thailand - the ancient capital of Siam, just 400km from Bangkok. This sprawling ruined city was the seat of the Sukhothai Kingdom from the thirteenth to fourteenth centuries CE and left its mark on Thai language, culture and politics. Even today, Thais regard Sukhothai as the birthplace of their culture, and it was in this city that UNESCO decided to place a single World Heritage Site.

The city was once one of the largest Buddhist centers in the world, with monks bringing their practices from elsewhere to make Sukhothai their home. The next rulers of Sukhothai, king Lo Thai (or Lu Thai), recruited Buddhist monks from other parts of Thailand to live here. These rulers created incredible monuments, including the Traibhumikatha - Thailand's most important ancient work.

The ancient city of Sukhothai is a small province between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, nestled in a valley surrounded by lush mountain forests. The city's historical past is the story of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the ancient capital of the Thai Kingdom and the site of the first Kingdom of Siam. The city is proud of its culture and heritage and recognizes the value of preservation.

While visiting Sukhothai, don't forget to take time to explore the ruins. The city is a maze of architectural wonders, and the sprawling main temple, Wat Mahathat, is breathtaking at sunrise and sunset. You can also explore nearby Si Satchanalai and Chang Lom on a bike. The landscape is perfect for exploring on a bike.

Chiang Mai

For a truly authentic taste of Thai cuisine, head to the night market, where you can sample international and local cuisine. Live music fills the air at the Ploen Ruedee International Food Night Market. The food court is open until midnight every day but Sunday. Chiang Mai is also a fantastic city to get a massage. Massages are offered at various spas, including the Vocational Center for Female Inmates.

Historically, Chiang Mai was a major religious center in northern Thailand. Hundreds of orange-robed monks inhabit the city's many temples. The city also hosts numerous religious festivals throughout the year. In addition to visiting the temples, you can engage in "monk chat," where young monks answer questions about life and sports. You can even try your hand at English by asking them a question or two.

The Sunday Walking Street Market fills the entire old city. This popular market spans Rachadamoen Road and Prapakklao Road, with many side streets that line it. It is a great place to shop. You can also find food stalls hidden in the courtyards of Wat Phan On or Sam Phao. If you love shopping, this is definitely the place to go.

The beautiful Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is another great spot in Chiang Mai. This temple is a major Buddhist temple in the area. Its sweeping view of the valley below makes it a popular tourist attraction. Make sure you head there early in the morning. The temple is well worth the climb. Chiang Mai also has some great restaurants. This is a city that has a vibrant nightlife.

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